Essentially, this is sort of a continuation of last week’s ladyfingers (Ladyfingers).

So it turns out that Tiramisu wasn’t the hardest recipe that I had ever dealt with. It was tons of fun making it actually. During the numerous testing days that my taste-testers had to endure, it turns out that it remained way too sweet. So my recipe cuts down on the amount of sugar that is used in the recipe.


6 egg yolks
200 g sugar
280 g marscapone cheese
415 ml heavy whipping cream
coffee liqueur

2 mixing bowls(if you do not have proper mixing bowls, use a pot so that nothing flies through your kitchen)
Electric mixer

1) Combine egg yolks and sugar in double boiler, reduce the heat and cook it for 10 minutes, stirring constantly.
2) Remove from heat and whip until it becomes thick and lemony.
3) Add marscapone cheese to the egg yolks mixture and beat until everything is combined.
4) In another bowl, whip cream till it forms stiff peaks, fold into the egg yolk mixture,
5) Soak lady fingers and line the with ladyfingers.
6) Layer the cake, ladyfingers and cream. Repeat until you have used up everything.


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